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Parra – An Apple On The Edge

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Artist: Parra

Medium: Hand painted ceramic

Dimensions: 7.86 x 5 x 5 in / 20 cm tall

Year: 2018

Edition Size: 100 + 10 APs

Markings: Signed and numbered with COA

Publisher: Case Studyo

Condition: Excellent

Notes: Certificate of Authenticity included.

About The Work

“A 3 meter big blue apple overlooks the city of Amsterdam, sitting on the top of the roof of public housing project ‘De Spreeuwen’. Unfazed by the staggering height, the apple comfortably greets anyone that passes by. The iconic sculpture is the work of Amsterdam resident and renowned artist Piet Parra and takes his series of hybrid fruit and vegetable figures to unprecedented heights. Since such a big sculpture won’t fit in most houses, we created a smaller version that overlooks your living room, bedroom or office. It puts a smile on your face, just like it does with the people who live at ‘De Spreeuwen’ when they come home.” – Case Studyo

About the Artist

Dutch illustrator, painter, and animator Parra produces vibrant, post-Pop imagery populated by hybrid figures with elongated beak-like noses and the artist’s unique typography. Parra began his career drawing flyers and posters for music venues, later employing his eccentric, hand-drawn approach to illustration and design in fine art works.

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