KAWS – Family


Artist: KAWS

Medium: Vinyl, paint

Dimensions: 13.39 (H) × 13.39 × 7.87 inches / 34 × 34 × 20 cm

Year:  2021 (Black + Brown/Blue), 2022 (Grey/Pink)

Edition Size: Open

Markings: Stamped under feet

Condition: New in box

Notes: Set of 4 figures each. Comes with Certificate of Authenticity.

About the WORK

This open edition art toy titled “Family” by contemporary artist KAWS. It is a vinyl sculpture with four individual pieces of the Companions, BFF, and Chum characters. The set is available in all Black, Brown/Blue (Brown Companions, White Chums, and Blue BFF), and Grey/Pink (Grey Companions, Pink BFF, and Pink Chums. The tallest piece measures at 13.39 inches tall. The artwork comes brand new in box. The “Family” in the Black and Brown/Blue colorways were first released in 2021 as part of KAWS’ “Tokyo First” exhibition in Japan and later released online. The Pink/Grey colorway was released online in 2022.

About the Artist

Brian Donnelly (born November 4, 1974), also known as KAWS, is an American artist and designer based in Brooklyn, New York. KAWS is known for his iconic Companion and BFF characters, which are often featured in his vinyl art toy releases and large scale public sculptures around the globe.

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