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Javier Calleja – Hook Mr. Günter

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Artist: Javier Calleja

Publisher: NANZUKA

Medium: PVC, crystal glass, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy

Dimensions: 3.77 (H) x 4.13 (W) x 3.18 (D) inches / 9.6 (H) x 10.5 (W) x 8.1 (D) cm

Year: 2022

Edition Size: Limited – unknown edition size

Condition: New in box

Notes: Comes with Certificate of Authenticity.

About The Work

This edition is titled “Hook Mr. Günter” by artist Javier Calleja. The work was released in 2022 in collaboration with NANZUKA, where Calleja had a solo exhibition “MR. GUNTER, THE CAT SHOW” held at PARCO MUSEUM TOKYO in Shibuya. The black cat measures at 3.77 inches tall and 4.13 inches wide and can be mounted on the wall as decor or can be used as a hook. The work comes brand new in the original box.

About the Artist

Javier Calleja (b. 1971) is a Spanish contemporary artist based in ​​Málaga, Spain. Calleja is best known for his figurative works featuring whimsical characters with large heads and bright, exaggerated eyes. Calleja often includes words and phrases in his paintings, drawings, and sculptures to invoke feelings of positivity and childhood nostalgia.   

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